About Us

Vision & Values

The California Institute of Locksmithing is dedicated to quality job preparation delivered in a context of practical and pragmatic training gained by years of on-the-job experience of the course developers.  California Institute of Locksmithing objectives are:

To help students achieve a superior level of basic curricula skills that will result in increased employment competence.

To provide a supportive educational environment which sustains the student’s desire to maximize potential for achievement of academic, personal and career goals.

To offer students interested in the locksmithing field and continually reevaluate their comprehensive curricula so that a meaningful and relevant learning experience result.

To place a student upon graduation into an entry-level locksmith position.


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Our History

California Institute of Locksmithing started its first class in 1972. The Institute has been in continuous operation since that time. California Institute of Locksmithing has the goal to train entry-level locksmiths in the highest standards of the industry. Craftsmanship, ethics and professionalism along with a clear understanding of the job’s responsibilities are the techniques taught by the administration and faculty.

Our founder, who felt that a school was needed, that would teach locksmithing as a primary course, fulfilled his dream when the doors opened in 1972.   As of June 28, 1999, the school is owned by Friedman College d.b.a. California Institute of Locksmithing. Friedman College d.b.a. California Institute of Locksmithing wishes to continue the fine education that has been a tradition over the many years of operation.

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