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Professional Locksmith Trainer

Learn the various kinds of machines including manual, semi auto, automatic, computerized and punch machines. Learn how they work, the benefits of each, what types of keys can be cut on each and how to get the best prices. Learn how to cut keys by code or originate keys with, or without, having an expensive code machine. Troubleshooting, calibrating and what to check when buying a used machine is also part of this section.

Learn what codes are and how to look them up, with several different sources. Get access to our code database, you can do it hands on not just a lecture. We show you several different sources and the benefits of all of them.

Learn about paid and free sources that will benefit you as a locksmith including online forums, specialty social media, buying at a discount, used equipment for big discounts, manuals, books, apps, free seminar and distributors.

How to change the lock so a key no longer works, and a new key will work. We cover all the most common residential and commercial locks. We will also cover the various type of tumblers, special tools, pin kits, and tips and tricks.

Laws, starting your own business, invoicing and estimates, marketing ideas and forms, basic licensing and governmental issues, networking, how to join locksmith associations, social media, setting up your work vehicle, advertising issues and how to get free advertising, dispatching software for locksmiths (included in the program), locksmith apps and software and inventory guidelines.
We will also get you signed up with industry distributors that will sell you products at the best prices and treat you as a VIP because you are a student at our school!

How to find the right keys for the job, most common keys used, how to identify the individual key, various types of keys, example of high security keys, lock functions, lock grades, , backsets, industry lock color identification, how to order locks, types of locks, lock construction. How to use the directories

How to gain entry for lockout and malfunctioning locks. Numerous techniques not limited to picking, raking, bumping, etc. This will include both regular and high security locks using destructive and nondestructive techniques. This class will also cover the removal of broken keys and foreign materials in the lock. More than 15 methods will be discussed. Specialty tools for opening locks will also be covered.

This class is for the serious student who wants to be able to work on cars and “includes” the necessary equipment including specialized tools, transponder key programmer, transponder key cloner, high security key machine* and testing equipment. The focus is on making keys and troubleshooting automotive locksmith issues.

*- for additional fee you can receive a computerized key machine.

Certified Locksmith Trainer

Learn the most common problems and how to fix them. With this class you will be able to identify and fix the most common problems you see in both residential and commercial locks. We will also address the issue of basic lock forensics and how analyze and protect your clients.

Learn how to key up locks so there is a master-key to open all the locks and each lock also has an individual (change) key just for that lock. You will learn about the differences between the different types of locks, rules for keying, pin kits, sub-masters, trouble shooting, how to make a charts, software for making charts and pre-planning for the job.

Learn how to make a key for a lock when all keys are lost without any type of key machine. These techniques will show you have to put an uncut key into a lock and analyze it for marks that will result in you being able to make a key for that lock. We will teach you 4 techniques.

Learn about door closures, panic/life safety bars, flush bolts, laws, and cases specifically for commercial situations, exit devices, marketing strategy and understanding commercial accounts.

Various type and ratings, dial versus keypads, basic opening techniques, most common problems and solutions, specialty tools for automatic dialing and overriding the keypad combinations, how to change the combinations, how to manipulate to open dial safes and the concepts of drilling open safes.(This class available independently $700.)

Learn about tools that can make your job easier. We get the latest tools each year, so you know what is good and what is not. Many companies have great marketing but when you receive a product, you are extremely disappointed, so we give the heads up before you buy. Many of the tools you can make yourself and save lots money. If you love gadgets you’re going to love this class!

Get more specialized training in how to open high security locks, drilling techniques, special tools, keypad locks, some safes, and making your own tools. Learn to most efficient ways so open all kinds of locks without damaging them. See the latest tool as they come out on the market. We constantly update new techniques especially as new lock types as they come onto the market.

The basics of automotive locksmithing on cutting keys, decoding, common problems and troubleshooting, vin to code, NASTF, Basic Equipment, lock configurations, inventory, and lock outs. This is a good basic class to get you started in understanding how automotive locks are different and how to get the right equipment without spending a fortune.

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