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We teach REAL WORLD locksmithing and our instructors are experts in the industry. This is a class for someone who wants to make a living at locksmithing and we are continually upgrading the course, to reflect current industry standards and new technology. This is not an outdated online course. We regularly update our information and provide it to you with LIVE lectures. Our school has a sister company doing locksmith jobs every day. Whether you are a working locksmith or starting from scratch, we are your one stop shop and the best in the business. Online classes are a combination of pre-recorded videos, live lectures and live question and answer sessions. Any online students will be eligible upon completing the full program, for an additional fee, to visit the school for a workshop that will allow you to earn a special accreditation from our school. Some live classes may be part of the in-house live classes depending on your time zone and availability. Join us for a LIVE bi-monthly meet and greet online to see what we offer, who we are and what you can expect. You start with the introductory class called the “Lock Box” to give you an introduction to locksmithing, including terms, basics of the industry, job availability, how to get started, what to expect from future classes, etc. The cost is $400. This class is required before taking any classes unless you are an approved locksmith and get a waiver from the school. You will receive a certificate of completion. The materials consist of a flash drive with videos, locksmith information training booklet and a certificate for a one-on-one meeting with one of our master instructors. After completing you can join our basic locksmithing course. There is a different subject each week (i.e.< rekeying, lock picking, installation, etc.) that utilize the tools you receive in the start-up package. You do not need to take most classes in a specific order. Each week you will watch an instructional video or read a manual, followed by home practice and then attend a live class that will address any issues you have on the subject. During the live class, the instructor will also give specialty tips on the given subject from a real-world point of view. The instructor can also see you, if you wish, to give advice on methods and techniques.